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Inspections Procedure

All customers are encouraged to register with our new Customer Access Portal (CAP) to schedule inspections, apply for permits (coming soon) and update business licenses. For more information click here.

IMPORTANT  When scheduling through CAP

All sub-trade inspections - electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fuel-gas - are scheduled under the project's building permit.  Please go into the building permit to find and schedule sub-trade inspections.

All stand-alone trade permit inspections - electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fuel-gas - are scheduled within the trade permit.

Requirements Before Inspections Can Occur

  • The address and permit placard must be posted and visible from the road or street and the placard accessible to the inspector.
  • Plans stamped as “Field Copy” and any updates from the Building Inspections Office are to be onsite for all inspections. The plans shall remain on the job site throughout the remainder of the job. 
  • Toilet facilities (within 300 feet of the job site) shall be available. 
  • Silt fencing for erosion control must be in place prior to clearing or grading. 
  • Gravel entry or paved access to site.

How to Request an Inspection

1)   Project address

2)   Permit number

3)   Contractor name and phone number (who is on site)

4)   Type of inspection

5)   Requested inspection date

ALERT: Inspections can only be scheduled through for permits issued before August 14, 2017.  

The City of Charleston will schedule inspections as they are received throughout the day. 

    • Requests made before noon (12:00 pm) will be scheduled one (1) business day out. 
            Example: Request taken at 11:00 am on Monday - Inspection scheduled for Tuesday. 

    • Requests received after noon (12:00 pm) will be scheduled two (2) business days out. 
            Example: Request taken at 3:00 pm on Monday - Inspection scheduled for Wednesday. 

Please note all inspections are performed Monday through Friday, except City designated holidays.  

Inspection Status

Required Inspections

For Assistance with Inspections

  •  Email (
  •  (843)724-7441 (Please note, inspection requests will not be accepted via phone call and/or voicemail)

Contact Your Inspector - Preferred method is texting

Field Inspection Supervisor

 Gary Pope, CBO



Inspector, Combination

 George Meadowcraft



Inspector, Combination

 Marion Heyward



Inspector, Combination

 Rex Ford



Inspector, Combination

 Randy Milligan



Inspector, Combination

 Danny Johnson



Inspector, Combination

 David Vaughan



Inspector, Combination

 Arthur James



Inspector, Combination

 Charles Merrick



Inspector, Combination

 Peter Kohn



Inspector, Combination

 Justin Washington



Inspector, Combination

 Maurice Brown