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Site Plan Review
Site Plan Review & Approval

Site Plan Approval is required for:
  • Any new building in excess of 500 square feet; or 
  • Any construction or renovation which results in the addition of two thousand (2,000) square feet of space to an existing structure; or
  • Any construction or development which results in changes to traffic circulation onto or off a site, stormwater drainage systems or patterns onto or off of a site; or 
  • New parking lots, or renovations to parking lots for developments not exempted below; or
  • TRC approval is required by the zoning classification of a given site; or
  • Site plan review is required by restrictive covenants applicable to a given site; or 
  • Single-family or two-family dwelling unit construction, which results in a total of four or more units on a single lot.

EXEMPTIONS from Site Plan Approvals BUT still require the approval of the zoning administrator:
  • Single-family dwelling(s) and two-family dwelling(s), which result in a total of three or less units on a lot;
  • Small structures that do not exceed five hundred (500) square feet in area; and
  • Routine repairs and maintenance that do not exceed the provisions of Section 54-604(a)(2).

Approval Process:
  1. Courtesy Review (optional)
  2. Preliminary Review, 
  3. Final Review and/or Combined Review (Preliminary + Final)
*If a project is in the jurisdiction of BAR, CCDRB, BZA-SD, BZA-Z or DRC, it must go through at least one TRC review prior to submittal to any of the aforementioned boards.