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Plat Review Committee
The Plat Review Committee (PRC) provides a coordinated interdepartmental review to confirm that plats submitted for recordation comply with City standards.

The purpose of the review process is to streamline review by GIS Division, Zoning Division and Engineering Division to consolidate comments for the submitter and to provide the submitter with a known schedule for response. This process in no way modifies any other Zoning or Engineering Division procedures regarding fees or submittals associated with preliminary plats, site plans, etc.

Any plat (final subdivision, adjustment, boundary, etc.) requesting review/recording shall be submitted to the Engineering Division as a “Draft Final” to allow City review prior to final submittal for recordation. Three paper copies of the “Draft Final” plat should be submitted. Submit all plats at the Permit Center located on the first floor at 2 George Street. All plats received prior to 5:00 pm each Monday will be placed on the agenda to be reviewed on Friday of that week.  Comments will be returned via email to the submitter that same day (Friday) by 5:00 pm under normal circumstances.  The re-submitted, revised plat will again be reviewed to confirm that all comments have been addressed and the submitter will be notified per the above schedule. If comments have not been addressed, the submitter will be notified as described above and directed to resubmit for review.

In the event that the review schedule is affected by City holidays, the staff will address the schedule on a case-by-case basis.

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