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Residential Plan Review

Residential Plan Review

Plan review for residential construction includes any new construction, renovations, additions, alterations, and demolitions for any one and two-family dwellings within the City of Charleston. Please be advised ALL work (including painting, interior finishes, etc.) in a Special Flood Hazard Area requires a permit. Please submit for plan review at the Permit Center located a 2 George Street. Our goal is to review and approve all New Single Family Construction submittals within 10-15 business days. Projects consisting of smaller renovations, additions, fences, pools, etc., may be "walked-through" the Permit Center for same-day permitting if all requirements are met and approvals granted.

Requirements at time of 

submittal for New Single Family Construction:


Single Family New Construction Packet

  • Application
  • IECC form (for new construction, additions and major renovations)
  • RESCheck (for new construction, additions and major renovations; does not replace IECC)
  • Manual J (for new construction and addition; generally supplied by HVAC contractor)
  • 2 full sets of architectural and structural plans, if applicable (half-size preferred) - signed and sealed by licensed design professionals in SC
  • 3 Site plans with tree statement
  • V-Zone Breakaway Wall Certificate (for new construction and additions if property is located in a V-Zone)
  • V-Zone Design Certificate (for new construction and additions if property is located in a V-Zone)
  • For any revisions, submit a completed revision application.

Requirements at time of submittal 
for Single family renovations, alterations, and additions:

Please note that most projects will require review and approval from multiple departments. In most cases, these reviews can be performed concurrently, though separate application processes may be required. Please see below for scenarios that may trigger reviews from other departments:

  • Projects located within the Old City and Old & Historic Districts that include work affecting the exterior of the building will require review and approval from the Board of Architectural Review (BAR).
  • Projects that include new construction, changes in building footprint, construction of accessory structures (garages, sheds, fences, pools), changes in building height or use (e.g., conversion to short-term rentals), OR the removal of trees will require review and approval from the Zoning Division.
  • Project that include disturbance to right-of-ways (curb cuts, sidewalks, driveway aprons, seeding, irrigation, etc.) or that may encroach into public or private easements will require review and approval from the Engineering Division

Please be advised that this list may not account for all potential scenarios.