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What Is Annexation?
Annexation means incorporating your property into City limits.  It is the process of transferring parcels of land from unincorporated areas of a county into the service area and jurisdiction of a city. Properties brought into the City receive City garbage pickup, emergency services, public services and much more. 

How does it work?

1. Submit application:
Property owners sign an "Application to Join City of Charleston" and submit it to the City of Charleston Planning Division via mail, email, fax or delivery (applications available below).

2. Annexation:
The City's Annexation Coordinator present your application to City Council at two separate meetings for approval. At the second meeting's approval, your property is officially within the city limits of Charleston, and your City services will begin.  You are welcome, but not required to attend any meetings. 

3. Services Switch & Receive a City Zoning:
Upon annexation, we will notify all public service providers of the change in jurisdiction for you (i.e. 9-1-1 services, tax offices, garbage pickup, etc). Next, your property needs to be given a City of Charleston zoning classification.  This zoning corresponds to the zoning that the property had in Charleston or Berkeley County (unless a different zoning is discussed/requested).  Zonings are heard by Planning Commission and approved by City Council. Again, you are not required to attend these meetings.