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West Ashley Annexation Information

Every year, we receive more than 100 applications from property owners in West Ashley requesting to be annexed into the City jurisdiction. All eligible properties (homes, banks, stores, etc) are able to annex and receive all the services, tax credits, and rate reductions that other City properties already receive. The application is free. 

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To incorporate a home into the City of Charleston,
the property must be:

  1. contiguous or "touching" the city limits
  2. located on the City side of the Urban Growth Boundary
  3. approved by the City Council

To annex, owners simply sign an annexation application (available at the link below). Submit the application to the City of Charleston Planning Division. Your application is read by City Council and the Planning Commission for approval. Once approved, we will send you a welcome letter and contact all service providers for you to make the switch as easy as possible. You are not required to attend any meetings or contact service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Do you really get a tax credit & reduced water rates if you join the City?  
Yes, home- or business owners in West Ashley that qualify to join (aka "annex into") the City receive Charleston's property tax credit and a huge reduction on their CWS bills. Homes in the St. Andrews PSD (County jurisdiction) do not qualify. You must join the City to receive the discounts.

What does "annexation" mean?  Annexation means incorporating your property into City limits.  It is the process of transferring parcels of land from unincorporated areas of a county into the service area and jurisdiction of a city. Properties brought into the City receive City garbage pickup, emergency services, public services and much more.

How does annexation work in SC?  In South Carolina, residents are afforded the opportunity to specifically request as an individual (or group of neighbors) to incorporate their homes into the surrounding City. Many "donut holes" of unincorporated properties exist in James Island, West Ashley, Johns Island, and Cainhoy. The City reaches out to the homeowners of those areas to offer them the advantages of annexation. "Donut holes" are small areas within the City that are touching city limits but are still under the jurisdiction of Charleston County.