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Burn & Scald Injury Prevention
The Charleston Fire Department and the MUSC Children's Hospital offer the following tips to parents and care givers to prevent burn and scald injuries:

1. Install smoke alarms in your home and change the batteries at least once a year. Plan & practice escape routes in case of fire. Identify a family meeting place.

2. Teach children to STOP, DROP, & ROLL if their clothes catch on fire.

* STOP right away.
* DROP to the ground; cover your chest with your hands.
* ROLL over & over or back & forth to put out the fire.
* COOL a burn. For minor burns, run cool water immediately over the burn.
* Seek emergency medical help immediately for more serious burns.

3. Always use sunscreen on children when outdoors. Do not expose infants and very young children to the sun without protective clothing.

4. Do not allow children to play near outdoor fires or burning debris. Establish a three-foot "safe zone" around outdoor burning areas and enforce at all times.

5. Children should not have access to flammable liquids or household chemicals; keep these items out of reach or in a locked cabinet.

6. Do not allow children to play in cooking areas. Create a three-foot “safe zone” around kitchen appliances.

7. Never leave any unattended items on the stove top. Make sure all pot handles are turned to the inside of the stove.

8. Children under the age of 14 should not operate a microwave oven without an adult present.

9. Keep clothing irons and curling irons out of reach of children.

10. Do not set your hot water heater higher than 120°F.

11. Never drink or carry hot liquids while carrying or holding a child.

12. Keep all hot items away from the sides of a table.

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