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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a fire report? 
Basic fire reports can be obtained by visiting CFD Headquarters at 1451 King Street, Charleston, SC, 29403.  Requests for a full report or additional records must be made in writing by emailing

How do I request a fire safety inspection?
Call the fire inspection request line at 843-973-7230. 

Does the fire department provide and install smoke alarms? 
We will provide and install free smoke alarms and batteries for homes in need of assistance.  Please note that we do not hand out alarms, we must schedule the installation.  Please call 843-720-1981.  

Does the fire department refill fire extinguishers?
We do not refill or service fire extinguishers, please contact a licensed fire protection vendor in the area. 

Does the fire department fill swimming pools?
We do not fill swimming pools, please contact your local water authority for details and requirements.  

Does the fire department inspect chimneys?
We do not inspect chimneys, we encourage you to contact a professional contractor to inspect and ensure proper operations.