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Why Fires Start in Commercial Buildings
According to the USFA, even though every business is different, commercial fires tend to start for the same reasons. As a business owner, it's important to be aware of these causes, so you can do your best to prevent them.

1. Cooking - Kitchen fires in restaurants are the most common source of fire in non-residential buildings, often because the grease traps, hood suppression system, and exhaust vents for commercial stoves, broilers, and deep fat fryers are not properly cleaned and maintained.

2. Electrical and Heating Malfunctions – Worn electrical cords and faulty wiring are also a major cause of commercial fires.

3. Arson - Intentional fire-setting in abandoned buildings, especially in the current economic climate, provide an easy target for fire setters. Don’t let these hazards kill or injure firefighters.

4. Smoking - Even in a smoke-free building, you can't watch what your employees do all the time. It only takes one cigarette to start a fire. Many historic hotel fires, and the Sofa Super Store fire, were started by someone smoking cigarettes.

5. Improper Storage - Most fires in storage properties are not in warehouses but are in garages, barns, silos, and small outbuildings. Many fires are started when flammable materials are stored too close to a heat source.

Your business may have fire risks that aren't covered here. Commercial fire sprinklers can protect all types of businesses from fire, making them a worthwhile investment in your building and employees’ safety.