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Technical Review Committee (TRC)
Meetings & Agendas
The Technical Review Committee (TRC) meets each Thursday morning at 2 George Street, 1st Floor, Building Inspections Conference Room.  Agendas are available prior to the meetings and results are available following the meetings.
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The TRC reviews site plans and subdivisions for compliance with City of Charleston codes.

The TRC exists to help people working in Charleston get development projects designed and permitted in the most efficient manner possible. Like all cities, Charleston has a set of laws established by City Council that are intended to protect the health and safety of citizens. These laws often are also for the purpose of improving the quality of design and construction in Charleston. Since there are multiple City departments responsible for administering these laws it is beneficial to have development review coordinated to avoid confusion and delay. That is the purpose of TRC.

The review committee consists of representatives from multiple city departments and divisions including: Planning, Zoning, Traffic & Transportation, Fire, Engineering, Stormwater, Parks, ADA/Legal, and GIS/Addressing.

To apply, submit a completed application along with the required information and fee to the Zoning Division desk in the Permit Center, 2 George Street, First Floor.  Applications are due by 12:00 p.m. on the deadline date.

TRC Process Improvement
More information about the TRC Process Improvement initiative can be found here.

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