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Public Nuisance Code Violation Process
Below is the process for filing a complaint.

1) File your complaint with the appropriate department:
    • Livability Tourism
    • Police (Animal Services and Noise Violations)
    • Zoning
    • Environmental Services
    • Business License

2) A code enforcement officer will respond to the violation location and issue a warning to the violator.

3) A code enforcement officer will do a follow-up visit five days after the warning is issued. If not in compliance, a violation summons and court date are issued.

4) The violator appears before the Livability Court where the City of Charleston has the burden of proof. The Judge may:
    • Resolve the problem
    • Find the violator guilty
    • Find the violator not guilty
    • Issue a court order

5) Court order is delivered to the violator.

6) If the violator has not complied with the court order, a bench warrant is issued.