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What we do
  • Investigate nuisance complaints where a neighbor’s yard is overgrown or has litter and other types of unsightly debris on the property
  • Investigate complaints of unregistered and inoperable vehicles on private property
  • Enforce nuisance codes regarding the standards for vacant structures
  • Respond to graffiti complaints and removes graffiti from public property
  • Respond to trash dump outs and illegal dumping violations
  • Enforce garbage can regulations
  • Enforce tourism regulations
    • Call the Tourism Enforcement complaint line at 843-709-1985

Additional Garbage Regulations
  • Cans cannot be placed before 6 p.m. the day before pickup
  • Cans must be placed by 6:30 a.m. on day of pickup
  • Containers must be removed by 6 p.m. on day of pickup

Other City Services:

  • Respond to and issue violations for complaints regarding animals or loud noise
    • Call the Police / Animal Services at 843-577-7434
  • Inspections or issue permits for new or existing construction projects
    • Call Building Inspections / Permits at 843-724-7320
  • Respond to Zoning complaints
    • Call Zoning at 843-724-3755
  • Enforce parking violations
    • Call Parking Enforcement at 843-577-3098

Sharon Bohn

75 Calhoun Street
Suite 3400
Charleston, SC  29401

Ph:  843-805-3226
Fx:  843-579-7673