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PAR Golf - Scoring Class

Learn to score PAR at golf.

Par Golf allows you to build confidence first while learning to play a difficult game.  This class is for beginner players and experienced players learning what it takes to shot PAR at golf. If you do not make 4 or better consistently, then this can help you.

To shoot PAR, you must be able to get the ball in the hole with few strokes once you get into the “scoring range.”  That means executing pitch shots to the green, chip and sand shots off the green and putting the ball into the hole.

In PAR Golf, we start form 25 yards away from the putting green on each hole. The goal is to try and 3 consecutive 4’s in a row, or 12 or better on 3 holes.  Once you achieve that, you move back to 50 yards from the green, then 75, 100, 150 and 200.

Class size is limited to 4 people, we play 9 holes, cost is $30, includes all fees.

Upcoming Days
Please click on desired day/time to download a registration form:

Wednesday, June 12                                    6:00PM

Thursday, June 27         9:00AM                   6:00PM

Tuesday, July 2             9:00AM                   6:00PM

Thursday, July 11          9:00AM                   6:00PM

Tuesday, July 16                                         6:00PM

Wednesday, July 24       9:00AM                   6:00PM