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TRC Process Improvement
updated February 20, 2019

Novak Consulting Group and TRC staff made 23 recommendations for improving the City's Technical Review Committee. After thoughtful review and consideration of impact, ease of implementation and resources needed to complete, we have prioritized the recommendations and plan to implement as identified below. Quarterly updates will be provided to demonstrate progress.

Recommendation Status Expected Implementation/Completion Time to Implement
1st Quarter 2019
Appoint an empowered TRC Chair. 2018 Q4 3 months
Begin tracking and monitoring the number of labor hours required for TRC plan review and administrative activities per project. 2019 Q1 1 month
Require plan reviewer TRC meeting attendance for all plans they have reviewed. 2019 Q1 1 month
Establish and standardize guidelines for customer interaction and follow-up. 2019 Q1 2 months
Provide comments to applicants in advance of TRC meeting (all disciplines). February 4, 2019 1 month
Conduct quarterly workshops with the development community on TRC Manual/ expectations. 2019 Q1 1 month
Create a mechanism to deny submittals when reasonable quality standards have not been met and conduct technical completeness review within 48 hours of application delivery to Plan Review Staff. HOLD 2019 Q1 3 months
Create definitions/standards for major and minor comments. In Progress 2019 Q1 3 months
2nd Quarter 2019
Establish a mechanism to track and report outcomes to all TRC members and the development community. 2019 Q2 3 months
Monitor the need to fill a TRC Coordinator role. 2019 Q2 3 months
Convene a group to create a definition for multi-family requirements for TRC. Not Started 2019 Q2 3 months
Revise TRC comment and response format to increase consistency across review disciplines. On Hold 2019 Q2 3 months
3rd Quarter 2019
Go live with e-Review in Energov. In Progress 2019 Q3 8 months
Better define and utilize pre-application meetings. In Progress 2019 Q3 8 months
Convene a committee to review threshold requirements for TRC Site Plan Approval process. Not Started 2019 Q3 3 months
Develop plan review cycle-time performance standards and a performance measurement reporting process. Not Started 2019 Q3 3 months
4th Quarter 2019
Complete a TRC Manual overhaul to provide a more detailed and flexible checklist. Not Started 2019 Q4 12 months
Establish flexible plan review cycle time targets based on project type and complexity. Not Started 2019 Q4 6 months
On Hold Recommendations*
Recommendation Status Notes
Require developer revisions to be “clouded” for easier recognition by review staff. Not Started Resolves with go live of e-Reviews
Incorporate PDF reviews from previous week’s TRC meeting as the first agenda item on each TRC meeting agenda. Not Started Resolves with go live of e-Reviews
Provide training for intake personnel to elevate their understanding of what to look for in plan submittals. Not Started Reevaluate in 2019 Q3
Create a structure and process for regular engagement with the Developers Council and Developers Working Group to identify and resolve issues and communicate process changes. In Progress Duplicate
Limit discussion of comments during TRC meetings. Not Started Evaluate with more data and once pre-application meetings are more functional.
Consider limiting the number of TRC submittals each week. In Progress Already capped in Nov/Dec - need to monitor and evaluate later with more data.