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Floodplain Management
Floodplain management is the operation of a community program of preventive and corrective measures to reduce the risk of current and future flooding, resulting in a more resilient community. (Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency)


  • To promote, where practical, the natural functions of the floodplain
  • To mitigate damages to structures in the SFHA from natural flooding events

  • Promote, manage, and enforce FEMA requirements and recommendations
  • Promote, manage, and enforce NFIP requirements and recommendations
  • Promote, manage, and expand participation in the CRS
  • Promote and manage FIRM information
  • Promote and manage the filing of elevation certificates for structures in the SFHA
Stephen M. Julka, CFM
Floodplain Manager

2 George Street
Suite 2100
Charleston, SC 29401

Ph: 843-724-3760