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Executive Department

The Executive Department oversees the work and activities of City government and manages a diverse array of services that aid and represent the citizens of Charleston, the Mayor and City Council and City Departments.

The Executive Department includes:

  • Corporation Counsel
  • Cultural Affairs
  • Internal Auditing
  • Public Information
  • The Mayor’s Office
  • The Mayor’s Office on Children, Youth and Families
  • The Prosecutor’s Office
  • Youth Programs

Trends & Issues
The Mayor continues to focus on the major issues that impact the Charleston area and its citizens. With this in mind, the Business Development Division reports directly to him, and focuses on attracting new businesses and jobs to the city in order to ensure the city maintains its strong economic position. Other priorities of the Executive Department include improving education and opportunity for all members of the community, providing high quality public services and public safety, and ensuring good regional communication and planning.

The city continues its longstanding commitment to West Ashley redevelopment with the passage of the West Ashley Master Plan, the blueprint for Plan West Ashley, the largest and most comprehensive effort of its kind in our city's history. The final plan will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the area's economic growth and the revitalization of its streets, neighborhoods and public spaces. 

The City of Charleston is focused on continuing the overall trend of lowering crime rates, with an emphasis on controlling the most serious and violent crimes. The City continues to expand its park and open space programs, and is committed to increasing bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout both the urban and suburban areas of Charleston. Finally, Charleston continues to be an example of the best in urban design and livability, and also a leader in fostering greater regional communication, growth management and planning.

Charleston's Economy

Charleston’s economic resilience can be attributed to its diverse economy. Currently, the drivers of the Charleston economy are its research-oriented medical university, manufacturing sector, healthcare services, visitor industry, high-tech defense-related federal presence, and the Port of Charleston. Public and private investment in the physical environment combined with effective city planning and regulatory controls has created an enviable urban environment.

Appealing to Businesses
The City of Charleston, through its programs such as the Digital Corridor, is working to leverage the local amenity-rich atmosphere to attract and grow companies that consider their employees and a high quality of life as important ingredients for success. Staff are currently developing strategies for the Digital Corridor to address the development of specialized business environments, including lab space and below market real estate offerings to incubate growing companies.

Improving and sustaining the health and welfare of children, youth, families and seniors continue to be a priority for the mayor and the Mayor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families. Ensuring adequate and affordable health care for children and seniors, quality and affordable before and after school care for children and youth, the presence of a caring and responsible adult in the lives of children, and the adequate funding for support services for children and families continue to pose challenges for the many public and private entities and city departments serving the underprivileged population.

Executive Department

80 Broad Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Ph: 843-577-6970
Fx: 843-720-3827