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Charleston Muni Fall Jr League Matches
2019 Fall League
The 2019 Fall League matches will be held on Sundays in September and October at the Charleston Municipal.  The Fall League follows the format and rules of the Summer PGA Junior League, except instead of playing other courses, you are part of a two person team playing other two person teams.  You can sign up as an individual and be paired up with another individual or you can chose your playing partner.  Matches will be played in Captain Choice format, 9 holes, 3 (3) hole "flags" can be won. You play match play against another two person team.  Depending on the size of the field, the matches will be 2 loss elimination, or each team will play every other team.  The amount of matches, and seeding will be made after all players have registered.  If your child enjoyed the PGA Junior League, they will enjoy this as well.

Registration is $100 and starts on May 1st.

2018 Results
Wade Hickman and Jase Howell        League Champions
Legare Edwards and Felix Hagar       Most Flags Won
Bailey Boucher and Hadley Heuber    Girls Champions