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Men's Sr. City Amateur: November 1-3, 2019
About the Senior City Amateur Championship
2019 Entry Forms will be available by October 1st!

The Men's Senior Championship consists of 3 divisions of golfers: 
-Senior Division (players 50-59 years old)
-Super Senior Division (players 60-69 years old)
-Super Super Senior Division (players 70+). 

Each division players different tees, but players any age over 59 have the option to choose a younger division.

This tournament has remained a popular event since its start in the late 1990's.  Bert Atkinson (6 City Amateur titles) has an additional 4 Senior City titles.  Tommy Ford also has 4 titles.

Click Here for a list of Past Champions

This 3 day, 54 hole event usually takes place in early November and attracts a field of 80-90 golfers of all skill levels, some who are registered with thoughts of winning the overall title, and others with the opportunity to take home flight championships.  In any case, it is the perfect opportunity to participate in a weekend of "all things golf." 

Like all of Charleston's City Championships, the field is split into flights for the final round, creating a new competition with golfers shooting similar scores. 

2018 Men's Senior City Amateur Championship
Congratulations to our 2018 Senior City Amateur Champions:

2018 Overall Champion: Patrick Mallard 71-75-74--220
2018 Super Senior Champion: Mike Harrison 74-72-70--216
2018 Super Super Senior Champion: Denny Sherrill 71-72-72--215

For full field results, go to
Go to "SIGN IN" and enter GGID:  SRCITYAM

2017 Overall Champion: Mike Bauer 72-74-69--215
2017 Super Senior Champion: Nick Avery 71-68-73--212
2017 Super Super Senior Champion: Mo York 71-71-65--207
Click Here for 2017 Final Results

2016 Overall Champion: Tadd Brown 74-73-73--220
2016 Super Senior Champion: Warren Peper 71-69-71--211 2016 Super Super Senior Champion: Mo York 72-69-71--212 2016 Tournament Recap