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Holy Spokes: The Charleston Bike Share
On May 30, 2017 The Gotcha Group in partnership with the City of Charleston launched Holy Spokes: The Charleston Bike Share System. Residents and visitors to Charleston can sign up to and access to the system's 250 bike that are located at 27 different hubs around the Peninsula.

See below for a list of frequently asked questions and please visit the Holy Spokes website for more information.

What is bike share?
Bike share is innovative and fun 24/7 transportation. It is perfect for both point-to-point trips and long scenic rides. Users can download a mobile app, sign up for the system, and pick up a bike from any of the convenient bike hubs and return it to any other bike hub within the system area.
Where are the stations located?
There are 27 stations located around the Charleston Peninsula. To view the bike share hub locations and a real time look at the number of bikes at each hub, check out the Holy Spokes system map.

How does it work?
Users can purchase different levels of membership online or via the SoBi mobile app on a smartphone. Once registered; a rider can access the map of hubs which will indicate how many bikes are available at each hub. Users can simply walk up to a bike to use it OR reserve a bike in advance using the mobile app. The booking time is 15 minutes. To unlock a bike, simply enter your 6-digit account number and 4 digit pin code onto the keypad on the back of a bike. This will unlock the bike and you are ready to ride. When you arrive at your destination, return and lock the bike at a designated Holy Spokes station. The bike is now available for others to use. Always end your ride within the system area. Please note riders should always end their trip within the system area and the bike must always be securely locked to a fixed object when locking a bike or putting it on hold. 

What is the system area?
The system area is indicated on the online map here. The area covers the Charleston peninsula to roughly just north of Heriot Street.
What is a “Locked Out of Hub Fee” ?
Users will receive a $5 fee when they lock the bike and end their ride at a non-designated Holy Spokes station. Hub locations can be seen here.

What is an “Out of System” fee?
If a user decides to ride a bike out of the system, lock the bike and end their ride there, that user will be charged a $50 “Out of System” fee. Feel free to ride the bikes anywhere but make sure to return them to the system area when finished to avoid this fee.

What does it cost? 
Please see the Holy Spokes pricing page for a full breakdown of the subscription levels and their costs.
Can I lock the bike out of hub for a quick stop?
YES! The bikes do have a “Hold” feature. If a user wants to pop in a coffee shop and hop back on the same bike, simply press the “Hold” button on the keypad on the back of the bike and you will be prompted to lock the bike. This will avoid the $5 out of hub fee as well as hold the bike for the user for up to 30 minutes. During this time the bike will not be available for other users to rent. 
How is this different from the yellow bike program?
In 1996, a private bike share program was launched in Charleston. Unfortunately, theft became an immediate issue as users did not lock their bikes when finished riding. 11 years later, bike share has evolved and now incorporates the smart bike. Gotcha Bike, owner and operator of Holy Spokes, designed a GPS integrated smart bike specifically intended for bike share. Gotcha is able to track all of the bikes at all times and they cannot be unlocked without a registered user’s PIN code and account number. 
Do I need a smart phone?
No. You are able to register for a membership on a computer via the Holy Spokes website and once registered, you can simply approach the bike, enter your account and PIN and ride.
Can I rent more than one bike at a time?
Yes. Users who are on any of the standard payment plans, including “Founding Members” are able to rent up to three bikes at a time on their account. Users on a discounted pricing plan will only be able to rent one bike at a time. 
Is there a minimum age? 
Holy Spokes’ bike share system is available to everyone who is 16 years of age and older. 16 and 17 year old riders must have the permission of their parent/guardian.

How is this different than renting bikes?
The difference in bike share versus bike renting is that it is completely self-sufficient and the user does not have to return the bike to the same location that it was picked up from. System bikes also track the user’s calories burned, carbon dioxide emissions reduced and money saved versus driving (all of this information is accessible on the mobile app or the website under the “Usage” tab).

Is bike share for me? 
YES! Whether you are a Charleston local who commutes all too often, a frequent visitor, or just in town for the day, Holy Spokes is perfect for you. With our 27 convenient locations across the peninsula, you can spend a day riding around town and indulging in Charleston’s beautiful scenery, use it to commute or to hop around town.