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Family Tees
Family Tees
The Charleston Municipal has 4 sets of traditional tee and 2 sets of family tees to make sure everyone is playing from the correct distance.

Blue Tees -       Experts
White Tees -     Drives Carry 200-235 Yards
Gold Tees -       Drives Carry 175-200 Yards
Red Tees -        Drives Carry 150-175 Yards

Family Tees:
Orange Tees -   Drives Carry 125-150 Yards
Green  Tees -    Drives Carry Less than 125 Yards

The Family Tees are marked on the cart path with green and orange dots, head out to the fairway and you will see Family Tee stone one pace onto the fairway.

Click here for the Family Tee Scorecard or get it from the Pro Shop.