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Dupont|Wappoo Planning Area

Dupont|Wappoo Planning Area

In Fall 2016 The City of Charleston and Charleston County Government approved the  DuPont | Wappoo Community Plan, amendments to zoning and land development regulations ordinances, zoning district changes to certain properties within the planning area and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Documentation for the aforementioned items  are listed below. Questions may be directed to the City of Charleston Planning Division at 843-724-3765, Christopher Morgan at , or Eric Pohlman at .

Approved Documents
Dupont|Wappoo Area Community Plan Approved 
Dupont|Wappoo Area Zoning Ordinance Approved (Overlay & Job Center)
Dupont|Wappoo Area Map  (showing study area, overlay and zoning changes)
Dupont|Wappoo Memorandum of Understanding Signed
Link to Charleston County information 


Public Meeting Schedule 
August 11, 2016 Community Meeting/Open House
List of Properties Proposed to be Rezoned
Rezoning Letter to Property Owners 
Presentation to Planning Commission June 15, 2016
Dupont|Wappoo Area Community Plan 
Dupont|Wappoo Area Zoning Ordinance (As Amended) 
Dupont|Wappoo Area Maps 
Dupont|Wappoo Memorandum of Understanding
Link to Charleston County information 

On January 27, 2016, the City of Charleston and Charleston County are co-hosted a Dupont | Wappoo Area a follow-up community meeting to present a proposed new zoning overlay district for the Dupont | Wappoo Area to address land use, zoning, and design needs identified at public workshops held in 2015; give updates regarding traffic and transportation, drainage and stormwater, economic development, revitalization, and other community elements; discuss next steps; and gather additional feedback from the public.
Dupont|Wappoo Area Planning Summary January 27, 2016
Dupont|Wappoo Area Planning Presentation January 27, 2016
Dupont|Wappoo Area Planning Presentation VIDEO January 27, 2016
Dupont|Wappoo DRAFT Zoning Map (City & County) January 2016
Dupont|Wappoo DRAFT Zoning Ordinance (City) January 2016
Dupont|Wappoo DRAFT Zoning Ordinance (County) January 2016

In June 2015, community members were invited to attend a planning workshop that focused on the area in the vicinity of Dupont Road, Wappoo Road and Savannah Highway.  Planners, designers and consultants on the charrette team asked community members to provide input on land use, multi-modal transportation improvements, drainage, development and design standards, etc.
Dupont|Wappoo Area Workshop Presentation June 23, 2015
Dupont|Wappoo Study Map June 2015
Dupont|Wappoo Workshop Photos June 2015
Dupont|Wappoo Workshop Questionnaire June 2015
Dupont|Wappoo Area Workshop Flyer June 2015