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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Inspection & Cleaning

A fire can be a devastating event for a business and many restaurants that have a catastrophic fire never re-open.  Not only do we face the possibility of injuries or worse, but we lose jobs, income, and possibly a piece of history.  

The exhaust system is an integral part of ensuring the safety for all commercial cooking operations.  The exhaust system is intended to remove grease laden vapors, steam, heated air, and other products of combustion to a safe location outdoors.  In order for the exhaust system to operate properly, and to ensure the fire suppression system has the ability to function as designed, the exhaust system must be routinely inspected, cleaned, serviced, and maintained by qualified vendors.  Click on the link for a copy of the Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Inspection & Cleaning information bulletin.

The Charleston Fire Department Fire Marshal Division has developed a program facilitating communication between Commercial Exhaust Inspection and Cleaning Contractors, business owners and managers, and the Fire Department.   Our motto and our goal is to promote “Preservation through Prevention”.  We hope to continue to work toward achieving this while working with all of the involved parties.

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