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Budget, Finance and Revenue Collections 



Name Title Email Phone
Amy, Wharton Chief Financial Officer 843-579-7596
Matthew, Frohlich Deputy Chief Financial Officer 843-534-1484
Deames, Joleen Assistant Chief Financial Officer 843-965-4024
Lucarelli, Angie Departmental Financial Analyst 843-579-7529
Cooper, Gary Procurement Director 843-724-7316
Emerson, Donna Finance Director 843-724-3710
Myers, Sarah Assistant Finance Director 843-965-4178
Barton, Debbie Assistant Finance Director 843-958-6471
Richards, Joshua Revenue Collections Director 843-720-3846
Mercer, Kathy Budget and Management Director 843-724-3715
Poteat, Susan Process and Service Improvement Director 843-577-1381
Sheehan, Brian Ombudsman 843-724-3745
Markiewicz, Rick Safety Director 843-805-3223
Jordan, Ruth Minority Business Enterprise Manager 843-724-7434