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Public Service  

2 George Street
Suite 2100
Charleston, SC 29401

Name Title Email Phone
Gunn, Maurice Superintendent
O'Brien, Thomas Director of Public Service 843-724-3777
Moore Grzybowski, Tamika Department Secretary 843-724-3754
Alltop, Crystal Customer Service Coordinator 843-973-7225
Barker, Ted Supervisor of Roadway Inspectors 843-724-3785
Blackwell, Matthew Senior Stormwater Engineer 843-579-7672
Bublitz, Mark Inspector-Roadway Construction 843-724-3713
Flanigan, Dana Engineering Technician 843-579-6417
Gdovicak, Aaron Technician 843-724-7188
Holton, Kinsey Stormwater Program Manager 843-724-3757
Handley, Stephanie Development & Construction Service 843-724-7450
Kirk, Steve Senior Engineering Project Manager 843-724-3754
Kittrell, Brenda Clerk-Licensing & Permit 843-724-3782
Newham, Frank Senior Engineering Project Manager 843-724-3713
Gurley, Earl Commercial Building Plans Examiner 843-579-7519
Mitchell, Annie Stormwater Program Administrative Assistant 843-724-3761
Tous, Barbara Stormwater Clerk 843-724-7246
Wright, Maria TEMP - Drafting Technician 843-724-5016
Graves, Edye Chief Building Official 843-724-7438
Granata, Ken Deputy Building Official 843-724-5018
Adams, Ashley Plan Review Service Coordinator 843-577-1685
Brown, Maurice Combination Inspector 843-670-9160
Comar, Ben Com. Building Plans Examiner, Res. 843-724-7448
DeSaussure, James Commercial MEPG Plan Reviewer 843-724-7446
Edwards, Diane Inspections Service Coordinator 843-973-7258
Symon, Liz Development & Const. Service Manager 843-973-7257
Ford, Rex Combination Inspector 843-412-7541
Graham, Derick Plan Reviewer 843-577-1689
Heyward, Marion Combination Inspector 843-834-9184
Jojo, David Commercial Building Plans Examiner 843-937-8670
Hicks, Cindi Permit Clerk 843-973-7256
James, Arthur Combination Inspector 843-834-3927
Johnson, Danny Building Inspector 843-834-9185
Kohn, Peter Residential Building Inspector 843-607-8570
Merrick, Charles Combination Inspector 843-371-2780
Newman, Tyler Development & Construction Service 843-724-7442
Milligan, Randy Combination Inspector 843-834-3925
Meadowcraft, George Inspector, Combination 843-494-8949
Pope, Gary Interim Deputy CBO/Inspections Supervisor 843-729-1721
Vaughan, David Combination Inspector 843-513-2984
Washington, Justin Inspector, Combination 843-518-2883
Alltop, Matt Superintendent of Environmental Services 843-720-3882
Washington, Clyde Assistant Superintendent of Environmental Services 843-724-7364
Ming, Terrance Route Supervisor 843-708-4116
Kinsey, Carolyn Secretary 843-724-7365
Dews, Ryan Superintendent-Stormwater/Streets & Sidewalks 843-724-7317
Wright, Stephanie Office Manager - Stormwater/Streets & Sidewalks 843-724-7367
Bradley, Fredricka Secretary 843-724-7366
Brown, Melvin Assistant Superintendent - Streets & Sidewalks 843-724-7366